What are Humans?

Jeremy Atticus Finch the eldest child and only son of Atticus. The older brother of “Scout” and constant partner in crime. As many young people do at their age they create mischief together and get into trouble together. But you see a distinctive difference between these two siblings and all the other children in their school.

Jem is the typical big brother and American kid. He shares and plays with his sister, but grows out of the childish games first. He makes his own friends, but he faces the same issues as Scout does as his father becomes the attorney of a black man. He feels the sting of his classmates as they use derogatory names for his father. He’s a protector and a companion for Scout more than any thing. When he’s moved up form the children’s table to the adult table Scout feels abandoned. Especially since her aunt likes to confront Scout about her tomboy behavior and her newly acquired dirty mouth. In this situation Scout didn’t become involved with his sister because he was already accepted in the adult circle. Scout was left to defend her fathers name on her own against a stuck up cousin who looked down on him because he was representing a black man..

In this case is was Scouts job to learn when to fight and when she should take a step back and ignore the chiding a younger poorly educated and biased cousin. Jem as the story goes along becomes more of a figure  of maturity in the face of judgement. He doesn’t understand why people speak about his father the way they do, but he does understand why his father is the way he is. He starts to understand the reason behind his fathers actions. This also leads to a greater understanding of the people around him. He starts to see the greater injustices and understands the comment his father makes about killing a Mocking Bird being a sin.

He grows up and just like his sister he grows to understand people and they see how others can hurt one another or save one another. The concept of the frailty of human opinion and how easy it is for some to destroy others.


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