What are Humans?

Jeremy Atticus Finch the eldest child and only son of Atticus. The older brother of “Scout” and constant partner in crime. As many young people do at their age they create mischief together and get into trouble together. But you see a distinctive difference between these two siblings and all the other children in their school.

Jem is the typical big brother and American kid. He shares and plays with his sister, but grows out of the childish games first. He makes his own friends, but he faces the same issues as Scout does as his father becomes the attorney of a black man. He feels the sting of his classmates as they use derogatory names for his father. He’s a protector and a companion for Scout more than any thing. When he’s moved up form the children’s table to the adult table Scout feels abandoned. Especially since her aunt likes to confront Scout about her tomboy behavior and her newly acquired dirty mouth. In this situation Scout didn’t become involved with his sister because he was already accepted in the adult circle. Scout was left to defend her fathers name on her own against a stuck up cousin who looked down on him because he was representing a black man..

In this case is was Scouts job to learn when to fight and when she should take a step back and ignore the chiding a younger poorly educated and biased cousin. Jem as the story goes along becomes more of a figure  of maturity in the face of judgement. He doesn’t understand why people speak about his father the way they do, but he does understand why his father is the way he is. He starts to understand the reason behind his fathers actions. This also leads to a greater understanding of the people around him. He starts to see the greater injustices and understands the comment his father makes about killing a Mocking Bird being a sin.

He grows up and just like his sister he grows to understand people and they see how others can hurt one another or save one another. The concept of the frailty of human opinion and how easy it is for some to destroy others.


The “Father”

Atticus Fischer the father of Scout and Jem, a humble local defense lawyer who tries to earn an honest living for his small family. The bread winner and the typical patriarchal figure depicted in many of these more traditional classic novels. Yet, does he really fill that role as completely as it seems. He brings money home and he teaches his children right from wrong, but is he leading down  a difficult path that they might not be able to traverse.

Living in a society were the color of your skin makes you a better person is very difficult for some one with a very fair personality. Some one who doesn’t see skin color or race all he sees is justice and need. Little by little introducing his young children to the real world. From his young daughters point of view he seems like a boring man who never does anything interesting or worth noticing, all she does hear form her fellow classmates are bad things about him representing an African American.

African American members of ILGWU Local 222 pi...

African American members of ILGWU Local 222 picket outside. (Photo credit: Kheel Center, Cornell University)

Now here’s were we reach  a barricade when it came to this book. It’s very well written and its easy to follow and understand, but within this book is the prevalent use of a derogatory term for people of the African American race. I’m shore you know what word I’m talking about. I don’t have to write it. If you don’t know read the book!! I found the use of the word in no way overly used or abused. It was not used just to cause controversy, or to be used as liberally as profanity and ugly words are used in the media today. I in no way condone the use of this kind of language, but I don’t deny the fact that I use profanity,  I believe there’s a level of respect you should have for your fellow human beings, no matter what race or nationality they are. In this sense the use of the word, in this story, is more artistic than offensive.

The young impressionable girl learns some truths about her father she never knew. She sees his struggle to maintain normalcy within his family and teach them that what every one else is doing is not always right and you should stand up for what you believe in. He is an example of an intelligent gentleman who knows how to shoot a shot gun and stand behind his beliefs even confronted with his own racist neighbors.

I appreciate his strong character and the image that his children grow to have of him as they mature and they get  a better understanding. It reflects what we learn as we grow up to understand our own parents. The reasons behind the things they do and the decisions they make. We never really understand them until we’re older and we look at things trough a slightly different perspective.


To Kill a Mocking Bird a classic novel almost every one I know has read, but this is my

Cover of "One True Thing"

Cover of One True Thing

first time reading it. I’ve read plenty of classic novels everything from The Odyssey to The Great Gatsby, even The Hobbit and One True Thing.


I found that the title of this book caught my interest.


I’m not going to give a synopsis of the story because I want you to inform yourself out of sheer curiosity, but let me warn you that the story runs slow the first few chapters and it reads like a mix of romantic writing with realistic narrative. In other words very descriptive with a first person point of view.



I enjoy the perspective because its through the eyes of a young girl. Jean Louise Finch AKA “Scout”, the only daughter of an attorney living in a small town named Maycomb in Alabama. Living on a small plantation with her older brother (by 4 years) , her father and a house keeper. It’s interesting to see thing from the point of view of a small child. She’s around 6 or 7 when the story starts. Her father being a lawyer is educated and educated both his children before they started school fairly well. Young Scout knows how to read when she starts in first grade. Here’s were we see the beginning of a conflict between little Jean and her father Atticus.



Atticus as a father tries to help his family and raising a girl does not seem to be the easiest thing in the world. Scout is a tough girl and having no mother never really learned or understood what was expected of her as a young lady. She plays boy games and runs around wearing overalls and climbing trees. She reads the news paper and the teachers don’t like it.



The school system is antiquated and the teachers  don’t see Scout for what she really is an intelligent girl who can become a very successful woman with the right education and support. By the book is all they care about, and that bores Scout’s sharp mind. Scout only sees boring school, and constantly argues with her father to let her stay home. Siting the fact she learns more at home than in school. This is only one facet to the world of Scout and one hurtle she must overcome.



Little Jean leads you through the mind of a young girl living in a society were young women were supposed to play with dolls and learn how to cook and sow and get married young. The men were farmers who brought the money home and maintained their wives and children. Scout found herself a tom boy chasing her older brother for some one to play with, unknown to her was the fact that her brother does not play any more.



She develops as a person as the book moves along, coming to realizations about fairness and what the world really thinks about the father she idolizes as her hero.



That’s as far as I’ve gotten with her development in the story. Like I said I’m still reading, but I found her character interesting because she’s so young and she sees the world in such an independent way to the adults and her brother, that it makes me want to read more just to see if the story leads to her growing as a person or becoming jaded like every one else in their town.



Little Scout I hope you stay as fair and smart as you are right now in the story The world need more women like you.

To Kill a Mocking Bird

To Kill a Mocking Bird (Photo credit: Manjith Kainickara *manjithkaini.net*)


Book Jumper

The last time I analyzed something was when I was in college. You know when you do something for some one else, it’s not as satisfying as when you do it on your own. I thought it would be fun to create a digital book club for any one who was interested, but this is mostly to keep my mind sharp. Plus I get the opportunity to share my opinion about old and new books that I’m reading or have read in the past.

Now my taste runs from one end of the book spectrum to the next, but I do like Fantasy Fiction the most, but I’m also open to any other genre from The classic romantics to modern young adult fiction. 

Right now I’m in the process of reading “To Kill a Mocking Bird” my next post will probably be about the characters and the style of writing. 

To me this is a way to share my analysis and opinions on books and short stories and even movies if it seems worth it. The main point here is “I  like reading”. and if you share that love then you are more than welcome to continue reading if not…

You can stop

Right now

If you want to…

You have continued, you share my passion. I like comparing notes, so if you think of something while reading or you have read the book I’m looking at now, please feel free to share anything you think.

“Don’t lose sight of what you really want, it’s easy to end up on the wrong path.”